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Three Ways To Ensure Your Basement Storage Stays Dry

If you have a basement in your home, then you probably have suffered from water damage at one point. Sometimes, your basement may get flooded from stormwater that finds its way into your basement or even leaking pipes in your house. These may cause the storage in your basement to become humid, and any files or items you keep there may get damaged by the water. To keep your basement storage always dry, ensure you follow these steps:

1. Having your basement waterproofed

The first step to keeping your basement free from water is to waterproof the walls and floor. Especially if you plan to utilize the space as part of the house, for example, storage space or a living room, if you live in PA or NJ, you should look up basement waterproofing in NJ since that area is prone to flooding during wet months. Waterproofing can be done through several steps, first, through sealing the walls, floors, and any cracks with a strong waterproofing sealant, and then applying several coats of waterproof paint. Once you consider basement waterproofing in Collegeville, you should also utilize the opportunity to inspect your foundation for any major cracks.

2. Better storage bins that don’t age

Another way to keep your basement storage dry is by investing in long-lasting storage bins. Before getting storage bins, do your research to find out which ones will work best for the items you are planning to store. Metallic storage boxes may be affected by the basement’s moisture, which could cause them to rust. However, storage bins made out of strong and durable plastic may last a long while. If you’re storing items such as books and important papers/documents, take the extra step and get airtight storage boxes that won’t let in water in the event of a flood.

3. Shelving

Lastly, just getting long-lasting storage bins isn’t enough to solve your basement storage issue. You need to keep the boxes away from the floor and any area in your basement that is prone to moisture. A good way to do this is by installing shelves in your basement. A good shelf system can increase your storage space and enable you to keep your items safe from water that collects on the floor of your basement.

A majority of households with basements usually experience water issues in their basement spaces. While it may be possible to repair water damage, taking steps to prevent it from happening will increase the lifetime of your house. Reach out to Basement Solutions 911 today to get your basement waterproofing done promptly.

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