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The Top 10 Most Common Basement Problems

Everyone has some issues in the basement. It is good to take care of them as soon as possible. Here are ten common problems to know.

1. Mold And Mildew Is Common

Mold and mildew are often found in the basement. It is smart to have them taken care of often. Basement mold remediation NJ is a good choice.

2. Many Basements Become Humid

Too much humidity is not a good thing. Dehumidifiers can be used in the basement. They will help keep out mold.

3. Leaks Are Often Found In The Basement

Busted pipes can happen in the basement. Check out the pipes before it does. Keep up on repairs to keep the basement in good shape.

4. Sump Pump Problems Can Occur

When a sump pump goes out, it causes problems. Get it checked regularly. Keep it up to date so nothing will go wrong.

5. Problems With The Floor Are A Big Deal

If you notice problems with the floor, then it might be a bigger issue beneath. Address any floor issues immediately. Sinking floors and more are a big deal.

6. Bad Smells Are A Big Issue

A complaint many have about their basement is the smell. Many issues can lead to a bad smell. When you notice a stink, you need to ask for help down there.

7. Leaking Windows Need To Be Addressed

Any amount of water let into the basement is not a good thing. Leaking windows need to be replaced. Check for leaks or cracks regularly.

8. There Can Be Problems With The Foundation

Foundation issues are some of the most important to get fixed. A bad foundation makes the house unstable. Cracks and other issues need to be fixed immediately.

9. Wall Issues Need To Be Taken Care Of

If you notice the walls bowing at all, then you need help. Bowing or buckling walls is a big issue. Cracks cause this problem, and to fix it, the walls may need an anchor system.

10. Flooding Is A Big Issue In Basements

When flooding happens, the basement gets wet and could eventually become moldy. The water needs to be cleared out immediately. A good company will do this well.

Get help with basement foundation repair NJ and whatever needs to be done. We at Basements 911 know how to do it all. Call us when you have issues in the basement.


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