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Allergy Alert-How A Moldy Basement Can Make You Sick

You need to get basement waterproofing in Bucks County, PA. This will help prevent mold from building up in your home. Mold can cause the following health problems.

Trigger Allergy Symptoms

Mold produces small spores. You can breathe these spores inside of your lungs. You can have mold spores in your airways and not even know it. However, if you are sensitive to mold spores, then your immune system will react to them. You may develop congestion, red eyes, and itchy skin.

Harm Your Sense of Smell

If you breathe in mold spores, then your sense of smell can suffer. Your overall health is influenced by your sense of smell. That is why if you are exposed to mold, then you can suffer.

Trigger A Respiratory Illness

You must get mold removal in Bucks County, PA because your lung health can suffer. You are more likely to have a negative reaction to mold if you have a weak immune system or other health conditions. Inhaling the mold spores can cause airway inflammation. This can also put you at risk of developing another infection.


Even if you are a healthy person, you may find yourself getting sick if you are constantly exposed to mold. People who are exposed to mold are more likely to develop asthma. This is a lifelong condition that occurs when the airways become inflamed. If you have an asthma attack, then it can be life-threatening.

Experts believe that the health problems that mold causes can lead worsen underlying conditions and overall health. Furthermore, mold exposure can be harmful to you and your home. Take preventative measures today and call Basement Solutions 911.

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